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Our Story.

In our daily lives, we are presented with an overwhelming amount of various derma brands and cosmetic products, but can they be
trusted and used?
The product claims to be for sensitive skin, but is it really suitable for my skin?
As time passes, we are troubled with more skin concerns that continue to grow.
That is why Dr. Twenty Project has gathered 2 Korean skin specialists from Seoul National University & Yale University to join
forces to provide you a fundamental solution for all your skin concerns.
With our combined doctors’ experience and data collection of over 50 years, the brand ‘Dr. Twenty Project’ was created to
give you that boost in confidence.
Our products are rooted from continuous research and cutting-edge technology, presenting to you only effective products that you can trust.
Join us on our project to bring your skin back to its glory days.

Our Values.

  • We focus on Health.

    We provide professional and scientifically-proven solutions for all your skin concerns.

  • We focus on Safety.

    We only include safe and clinically-tested ingredients to effectively care for your skin concerns.

  • We focus on Difference.

    We simultaneously solve efficacy and stability using key ingredients created with our expertise and technology.

Our Technology.